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Museums in Izmir

Atatürk Museum 
The building is in Izmir, I. Kordon (Atatürk Boulevard) built in between 1875-1880 by a carpet merchant, Takfor, as a resident. It was nationalized after being abandoned by its owner on 9 September 1922. After entering Izmir, the Turkish Army used the building as its headquarters.
Agora Museum
Etymologically, agora means Public Square and shopping district. Agora, which has commercial, judicial and political functions, is a place where the art activities increase, the background of philosophy is laid out and where the stoas, monuments, altars and statues exist….
Archaeology Museum
The first archaeology museum in İzmir was opened to the public in 1927 at Ayavukla (Gözlü) Church in Tepecik after the work collection activities of three years. The second archaeology museum was founded in 1951 at Culture Park….
Bergama Museum
As the result of the archaeological excavations that started in Bergama in 1878 under the direction of Carl Humman and Alexander Conze, a depot museum has been constructed near the German Excavation House of today during the excavations made in the acropolis between the years 1900 – 1913….
Birgi Çakırağa Mansion
It is one of the rare mansions, whose architectural style special to the Aegean region could be protected until today….
Çeşme Museum
One of the historical and cultural values of Çeşme District worth seeing is the Çeşme Fort. Çeşme Fort has been constructed in 1508, during the period of Beyazıt II. It was constructed by Aydın Governor Mir Haydar to Architect Ahmet oğlu Mehmet….
Ephesus Museum
In 1929, a storehouse was established for the first time in Selçuk and the artifacts unearthed during the excavations and collected from the environs were brought to this storehouse. In 1964, the construction of the south section of the present museum was completed and the artifacts were begun to be exhibited.
Ethnography Museum
The building has been constructed in the 19th century in neoclassical style, on a sloped terrace. This building is known to be used as a hospital in 1831 (St. Roch Hospital) and to be converted into a care house for poor Christian families by being repaired by the French in 1845.
Ödemiş Museum
The idea of establishing a museum in Ödemiş, which is located on a fertile valley lying among the mountains Bozdağlar in the north and Aydın in the south is irrigated with Küçük Menderes river, first emerged in 1974.
Tire Museum Directorate
The movable cultural assets are exhibited in two halls in the museum.
Virgin Mary Museum
For the first 300 years, Mary’s misfortune and death remained a secret. Perhaps this was the will of God. The ancient world never recognized who she was. On the other hand, the city of Ephesus respected her fully.