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The Izmir International Festival beginning in mid-June and continuing to mid-July, has been organized since 1987. During the annual festival, many world-class performers such as soloists and virtuosi, orchestras, dance companies, rock and jazz groups including Ray Charles, Paco de Lucia, Joan Baez, Martha Graham Dance Company, Tanita Tikaram, Jethro Tull, Leningrad Philarmonic Orchestra, Chris De Burgh, Sting, Moscow State Philarmony Orchestra, Jan Garbarek, Red Army Chorus, Academy of St. Martin in the Field, Kodo, Chick Corea and Origin, New York City Ballet, Nigel Kennedy, Bryan Adams, James Brown, Elton John, Kiri Te Kanawa, Mikhail Barishnikov and Josep Carreras have given recitals and performances at various venues in the city and surrounding areas, including the ancient theatres at Ephesus and Metropolis (an antique Ionian city situated near the town of Torbali). This festival is the member of “European Festivals Association” since 2003.

The Izmir European Jazz Festival is among the numerous events organized every year by IKSEV (The Izmir Foundation for Culture, Arts and Education) since 1994. The festival aims to bring together masters and lovers of jazz in the attempt to generate feelings of love, friendship and peace.

International Izmir Short Film Festival is organized since 1999 and the member of European Coordination of Film Festivals.

Festivals in Izmir

International Childres Festivities of Karşıyaka
Municipality of Karşıyaka – Department of National Education of Karşıyaka
18-25 April
Strawberry Festival (Emiralem-Menemen /iZMiR)
Municipality of Emiralem
5 May
Festivities of kite and Spring (Bornova / iZMiR)
Municipality of Bornova
First week of May
Bird Paradise Festival (Sasalı- Çiğli / iZMiR)
Municipality of Sasalı
Second week of May
Kemalpaşa Golden Cherry Festival (Kemalpaşa / iZMiR)
Municipality of Kemalpaşa
3rd and 4th week of May
19. May International Youth Festival of Bornova (Bornova / iZMiR)
Municipality of Bornova
17-27 May
Reunion of Mediterranean (Bergama / iZMiR)
Head-Office of Bergama
20-25 May
Cherry Festival (Bademli-Ödemiş / iZMiR)
Municipality of Bademli
Last week of May or first week of June
Festival of Bergama (Bergama / iZMiR)
Municipality of Bergama & Head-Office of Bergama
1-7 June
Peninsular Games (Selçuk / iZMiR)
Municipality of Selçuk Head Office of Selçuk
11-15 june
International İzmir Festival (iZMiR (Center))
Fondation of Art Cultur
10 jun-10 July
International Child and Youth Theatres Festival (Alaçatı / iZMiR)
Municipality of Alaçatı
28 June- 2 July
International Çeşme Sea Festival (Çeşme / iZMiR)
Municipality of Çeşme
1-6 July
International Music Festival (Çeşme / iZMiR)
Municipality of Çeşme
4-9 July
Çandarlı Art and Culture Festival (Çandarlı-Dikili / iZMiR)
Municipality of Dikili
19-20 July
International Watermelon Festival (Bayındır / iZMiR)
Municipality of Bayındır
International Özdere, Art and Culture Festival (Özdere / iZMiR)
Municipality of Özdere
Culture and Art Festival (Foça / iZMiR)
Municipality of Foça
2nd week of August
Activities of Art and Culture Bleu Sea-GreenDikili (Dikili / iZMiR)
Municipality of Dikili
3 July-31 August
International İzmir Festival (iZMiR (Center))
Fondation of Art Cultur
29 July-19 August
Independence Festival (Selçuk / iZMiR)
Municipalitly of Selçuk
1-8 September
Culture and Art Festival (Tire / iZMiR)
Municipality of Tire
3-6 September
Menemen Freedom Festival (Menemen / iZMiR)
Municipality of Menemen
7-8-9 September
Grape Harvest Festival (Oğlananası- Menderes /iZMiR)
Municipality of Oğlananası
15 September
International Selçuk-Efes Culture, Art & Tourism Festival
(Selçuk / iZMiR) Selçuk (Ephesus Antique Stadium)
16-17 January
Camel Wrestling (Selçuk / iZMiR)
Municipality of Selçuk