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Cultural Activities

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There are more than 200 precious trees and bushes brought from abroad and the number of the trees reaches 8000. Figuratively called as the lungs of Izmir, in the Culture Park every plant has an identity. 156.000 m2 of 421.000 m2 is dotted with green area. Culture Park made great contributions to Izmir’s social and cultural life with its fair ground, running court, open-air theatre, museums, sport center, art centers, wedding hall, restaurants, tea houses, amusement park, zoo and parachute tower.


Functioning since 1974 with its line being 1000 m. at length, the cable lift carries the visitors for about 10 minutes to the hill which is 423 m. high. The sport lovers can experience exciting moments by paragliding and special climbing tracks at the facilities where there are great opportunities for sport and nature lovers.


Located in the south, 15 km. far from Izmir city center, this recreational area was established by Buca Municipality. It covers an area of 140 thousand square meters. An artificial lake of 30 thousand square meters, an amphitheater hosting 3500 people, scenery terraces, a picnic area, playgrounds, hobby gardens and a paddock are available. This area, where many activities are being held, is one of the important places to visit for the people in Izmir. The Kaynaklar village which is located in the vicinity of the Pond is famous for its century-old plane trees. At the weekends, the nature lovers can start trekking here.


Inciralti Youth Center is a new recreational area. Here there are cinemas, cafes and restaurants, areas for sport, trekking and picnic and an artificial lake for touring with a rowboat. The center attracts the city people with all these opportunities.


It was established on Mt. Yamanlar at 810 meters height by the bank of a tectonic lake on 13 hectares area in 1973. The area is covered by Turkish red pine, black pine and willow trees. Daily capacity is 200 visitors. Tent can also be set up. Parking lot for 500 autos, drinking water, buffet, country side restaurant, WC, picnic units are available. Distance is 40 kilometers to Izmir. Road is good paved asphalt. It can be reached by private car only. Entrance fee is charged.


Izmir Birds Paradise consists of huge swamp area encompassing 8000 hectares of land. In 1982, the land was registered as the area for the preservation and reproduction of marine birds by Ministry of Forestry. There are 205 species of birds, 308 kinds of plants and 17 species of reptiles in the Park. The most striking birds are Pelican (Pelecanus onocrotalus), flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber), stork (ciconia ciconia), Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus), black winged stilt (Himantopus himantopus), Ruddy Shelduck (tadorna ferruginae), Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos), Hobby (falco subbuteo), Kingfisher (Halcyon Smyrnensis )

Meanwhile, approximately 50.000 birds pass over the land in a year. At the same time, this area is the Land Natural and Archaeological Sit. There are observation towers and a visitor center in the area. It can be reached by private car from Çigli 10 km. from Karsiyaka 26 km. Entrance is free.


It was set up in 1964 in Faculty of Science, then it was joined to the Rectorship of Ege University and started to serve as Botany Garden of Ege University & Herbaryum Searching and Practicing Center. It aims to introduce the natural and culture plants to the public besides searching and teaching services.

The Botany Garden is situated on an area of 48.750 m2. There are 13 searching and teaching centers and greenhouse of decorative plants on 1300 m2 of its part. In these greenhouses, the tropical, kserofit and exotic plants are introduced to the public and students.

Botany Garden is separated into sections, which are;
- Resting park
- Systematic department
- Arboretum section
- Economic plants section
- Pools section
- Mount section

There are about 3000 plants in each department. They are of Turkish and foreign origin. Botany Garden is under the influence of Mediterranean climate. The type of the soil is light and fertile. It is a member of such organizations as the International Preservation of Botany Gardens. It helps to protect the environment and keeps on preserving the flora under extinction.


There are more than 35.000 herbarium collected from different regions of Turkey. They are being kept after drying. It is a two-floored building constructed on 300m2 area. On the first floor are dried flowers; on the second floor are dried plants. Herbarium serves to the researchers making scientific researches in various different subjects, plant importers and exporters, the ones who want to get information about the natural flora.


Situated 70 km. to Izmir and 8 km. to Çesme near Ilica Beaches . The area is 70 hectares. It was established in 1976. 100 tent grounds, 2000 visitors per day capacity, beautiful see scenery snack bar, stand, fresh water, WC, dressing cabinets, sanitary facilities (dish and cloth washing), benches and fire places are available. There’s a source of hot mineral water inside the sea close to the picnic ground. In summer, busses are running every half an hour from Üçkuyular to Çesme. Entrance fee is charged.


It’s 75 km. to Izmir and cower over 8 hectares of shore line. Established in 1987, it has 2000 visitors capacity, 300 tent grounds, snack bar, buffet , bakery, market, dressing cabinets, sanitary facilities complex and picnic units. It could be reached by bus from Izmir Central Garage or Üçkuyular Terminal. Entrance fee is charged.


Established on Gaziemir-Özdere coastal band in 1987. The area is 40 hectares. Daily visitor capacity is 2000. Also, tent camping is available. Country side restaurant has beautiful sea scenery, buffet, dressing cabinets, parking lot, WC, picnic units are available. It can be reached from Izmir Central Garage or Uçkuyular Terminal by bus. Distance from Izmir is 70 kms. Entrance fee is charged.


Established on Ahmetbeyli-Gümüldür coastal band in 1994. This place is offering camp site, caravan camping, beach and day-use facilities. Distance from Kusadasi is 30 km and from Izmir 75 km. The area is 5 hectares. There’re no facilities in the area at present. It’s possible to reach by minibuses from Izmir or Gümüldür. Entrance fee is charged.


It is situated on the Seferihisar coastal strip on 320 hectares area and it was established in 1988. 2000 daily visitors and 200 tent grounds are planned. It’s 50 km to Izmir and 7 km to Seferihisar. There are no facilities set up yet in the picnic area. Entrance is free.


Set aside in 1971 on 24 hectares Turkish red pine forest. It is situated on Izmir-Aydin state highway 22nd kilometers of Yesilkoy locality. Buffet, WC, fresh water and picnic units are available. Visitor capacity is 3000 person/day. It’s possible to reach by minibuses from Izmir to Torbali. Entrance fee is charged.


Situated in a Turkish red pine forest at a distance 50 km to Izmir and 5 km to Seferihisar. Area is 10 hectares and set aside in 1964. It has 1500 visitors capacity per day. This place is close to Teos antique city. Buffet, fountain, WC, picnic units and parking lot are available. On your way, you can see the Castle of Sigacik built during the Ottoman Empire. Entrance fee is charged.


Established in 1964 on Selçuk-Kusadasi highway 8th kilometer. Area is 7 hectares. It has a daily visitors capacity of 1000 people. Snack bar, picnic units, children playground, parking lot, and scenery terrace are available. It can be reached by bus from Selçuk, Gümüldür or Kusadasi. You can tour Ephesus ruins and Virgin Mary if you go about 5 or 10 km more. Distance from Izmir is 82 km. Entrance fee is charged.


60 km. from Izmir-Çesme highway in Turkish red pine forest. Established in 1969, the area is 20 hectares, with the daily capacity of 1000 visitors. Snacks, WC, fountain, children playground and picnic units are available. You can reach here by bus from Izmir or Çesme. Entrance fee is charged.


Located on the Izmir-Ankara highway 20 km. from Izmir. Set aside in 1967 and on 5 hectares area of Turkish red pine forest. It has a daily visitor capacity of 1000 visitors. Buffet, WC, fresh water, picnic units are available. It’ s possible to reach from Izmir, Manisa or Kemalpasa. Entrance fee is charged.


It’s established in 1980 in a Turkish red pine forest and it covers 4 hectares. It is situated on Menemen-Manisa highway 3rd kms. Buffet, drinking water, WC and picnic units are available. Daily capacity is about 1000 visitors. Distance from Izmir is 30 kilometers. You can reach by minibuses from Menemen or Manisa. Entrance fee is charged.


Situated on the Bergama-Kozak highway 17 km from Bergama. It was established in 1986 on 10 hectars area. The daily capacity is 1000 person. Country side cafe, WC, parking lot, fresh water and picnic units are available. Distance from Izmir is 115 km. You can visit Bergama ruins and the first mint of the historic times when you go to Çinarli. Entrance fee is charged.


Situated in Cesmealti, Urla. Area is 15 hectares, in a Turkish red pine forest. It has an excellent sea view. Daily visitor capacity is about 500 persons. In the area, there are WC and picnic units. It can be reached by bus from Izmir Uçkuyular Terminal to Çesmealti. Distance from Izmir is 55 kilometers. Entrance fee is charged.

GÖLCÜK (little lake)

Set aside in 1987 on Odemis/Gölcük high plateau. Area is 4 hectares. Altitude is 1100 meters from sea level. The lake was formed in about early Miosen Age by tectonic movements. Open space of the lake is 90 hectares. Maximum dept is 5 meters. There are crayfish, carp and lotfish in this lake. Country side cafe has wonderful panoramic lake view. Drinking water, WC, picnic units are available. Daily capacity is 200 visitors. Nearby, there’re natural monument chestnut trees of 2 or 3 meters. This area is 18 km to Ödemis and 130 km to Izmir. Entrance fee is charged.


Set aside in 1986 in chestnut and black pine forest. It covers 5 hectares. The capacity is 500 visitors per day. Snacks, fresh water, WC, picnic units are available. It is 25 km away from Odemis, 1 km from Bozdag, and 90 km from Izmir. In the area , there are natural monument chestnut and plane trees. If you pass through Birgi town, you can see the Cakiraga Mansion as well. There is a revolving restaurant on the opposite ridge of the picnic area. Entrance fee is charged.


Established in 1987 on a Turkish red pine forest. It covers 20 hectares. It is located on the Kemalpasa-Torbali highway 10 km. from Kemalpasa, 50 km. from Izmir. Now, there is no any facility around it.


Located on the Izmir-Istanbul state highway 20 km from Izmir.

Established in a Turkish red pine forest, it covers 80 hectares. In the picnic area, there are WC and picnic units. There are also lots of restaurants and brunch serving cafes. City residents trip to the area on the weekends for breakfast or picnic.